XII International Encounters of Arts and Human Rights of the Western Sahara. Tifariti, liberated Territories of Western Sahara October 30th to November 9th 2018









The next ARTifariti 2018 will take place in Tifariti, in the Free Zones of Western Sahara, in the middle of the desert. The idea is that we can live with the nomadic families and reflect on their experience.

The Saharawi artist Baecha Mohamed will lay the foundations for a collective mural in the wall of the School of Tifariti, in which all of us can participate.

The edition is open to your proposals.

ARTifariti was born in 2007 as a collective action against the Wall of Shame that breaks in two the territory of Western Sahara, the last colony of Africa, under illegal and brutal Moroccan occupation. ARTifariti is designed as a tool to make the struggles for dignity visible. Materializing human rights, the right to dignity, from artistic practices. Its format is that of an international meeting of artists that intends to reframe the enclave of Tifariti, bombarded with napalm and white phosphorus the same day of ceasefire.

In this place, the Sahrawi Government founds ARTifariti with the spirit of generating a territory of coexistence where interrelation and communication transcend the artistic fact in itself and where art assumes its public and reflective, political role: a seed for the development of Other cultural activities with creators involved in social problems.

Throughout ten editions ARTifariti has managed to establish itself as an annual public art event, an open meeting that has become a reference point for artists interested in the art's capacity to rethink and transform social relations and reality, and a mechanism to question the systems of creation and distribution of the cultural industry and artistic practices based on private consumption and speculation. ARTifariti creates shared information and creation spaces, collective archives, stories, music, sounds, which can be reused as materials for articulating new proposals from any node in the network.

ARTifariti is a project of the Ministry of Culture of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (RASD) and the Association of Friendship with the Sahrawi People of Seville (AAPSS).


The participation in ARTifariti 2018 is open to artists of any field. Anyone interested in contributing projects related to Human Rights, post-colonial conflicts, Sahrawi conflict, or any other aspect related to this edition born with the title “A POETRY DONE BY EVERYONE”.

There are no limitations of age or nationality.


Artists or any person or collective interested in participate should send their proposal to the ARTifariti organization before September 20th 2018 to be assessed by the curatorial team.

The proposal should be a pdf file of up to 25 MB that includes information related to the proposal and a short biography. Proposals can be submitted in Spanish or English.


The selection of the projects will take place during the reception of the proposals and untill two weeks later (September 20th). After that an invitation letter will be sent so that the artist is able to look for funding for his/her participation.  


After the acceptance of the proposal, it will be necessary to do the inscription in ARTifariti 2016.

The inscription fee is 850 € and it includes:

 -  Inscription on the X International Art and Human Rights Meeting in Western Sahara

 -  Two way regular flight Madrid-Argel-Tinduf (departure from Madrid Barajas airport)

 -  Visa and insurance

 -  Food and lodgement

- Internal transports

There is also an alternative option for the participants that want to arrange by themselves the flight, visa and insurance from the country of origin. In those cases, the cost (including inscription, food and lodgement) is 350 €.

To complete the inscription it will be necessary to send:

 -  Copy of passport (validity has to be longer than 6 months)

 -  Visa request form properly filled and signed (2 copies). These documents will be sent to participants.

(Download online:

 -  A recent photo


ARTifariti 2018 is open to any person interested in participate attending to the event or collaborators. Those people who want to attend without performing a project can send a motivation letter with the reasons why they want to attend ARTifariti 2016 to the email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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